Personal Readings

Happy Astro Pondering!

40 minute reading $50

The power is yours!  Take an objective look at the map of the sky when you were born.  Was there a message for you?  The purposeful universe says Yes, without a doubt.  Just a moment before that first breath, you were One with the universe.  With the first breath, you, as Eve, bit the apple, so to speak, and signed up for the greatest ride ever.  A ride of bicameral awareness!  What a moment!  The emancipation from the world's unity into one of fierce independence and freedom!  But oh!  What what a longing ensues!  To feel that oneness, and yet remain free!  How might you continue to grow, in a way that feeds your soul?

Sit down with me, for 40 minutes, over zoom.  Should be interesting!  

All readings are done via Zoom due to Covid 19, and are 40 minute sessions

Synastry Readings offered as well!


Same price.  Just specify in the email.

Be sure to give me all the info-


place, and year!